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Pawel Libera is a visual artist working in the medium of photography.

In his spanning  30-year art career, Pawel’s work was used commercially by global brands such as Apple, Conde Nast, British Airways, National Geographic, CNN, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, and Viacom, to name just a few. Pawel’s work is also included in the Royal Collection Trust and the Royal Institute of British Architects Collection and is collected privately.

In 2011 Pawel was commissioned to photograph once in a generation event of the Royal Wedding of the Heir to the British throne, 
HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Pawel’s commercial work oscillates between motion-controlled time-lapse video production and still photography.

Pawel is an internationally published artist featured in countless publications, including books, magazines and other printed media, on TV and online.

In his artistic work, Pawel nearly exclusively works in analogue photographic capture and printing methods, employing historic photographic printing processes of Platinum-Palladium and Gelatin Silver Printing.


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