Pawel Libera is born in Poland, British photographer.


He became interested in photography at an early age and eventually chose it as his profession.

Pawel started his career in photography as

a photojournalist and worked for many years and still is as

a commercial location photographer specialising in motion-controlled time-lapse and tourism advertising.

Pawel’s work was and is widely published around the world and used on TV and in advertising.


In a parallel path to his commercial work, Pawel pursued an interest in photography as a medium of his artistic expression and interpretation of the world.

Pawel’s interest in photography lies mainly in the exploration of how three-dimensional space is transcribed onto the two-dimensional plane of a photograph.

In his work, Pawel explores relationships between form and space and the unique connections created when three-dimensional space is imprinted on a photographic medium.


Pawel’s newest body of work tries to answer the question if it is possible to present the connection of space and time and its flow in a still photograph.

Pawel Libera portrait